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Our site is packed full of free programmes and resources to help educate children and young people in the areas of Financial Capability, Sustainable Living, Employability and Safety. Check them out!

Big Money Movie Pitch

The Big Money Movie Pitch is a brand new, high-profile, free, national schools competition. Students aged 11 to 14 are invited to create a pitch for a two-minute short film or animation on the topic of managing money - a film for young people, by young people.

Banking Basics Films

Watch and learn from our new films.

Working world

Take a virtual tour through a corporate environment.

Counting on Money

What money is, where it comes from and where it goes.

Sustainable Communities

Try our interactive quiz on five sustainable themes.

Fun for all ages 2 -18+

Our programmes engage children and young people of all ages through fun, interactive games that help build vital life skills. All supported by extensive curriculum linked resources. 

Finance World

A stunning resource set around the theme of spies and missions.

BSO Beatbox

There has never been a more fun way to learn your times tables!

Rock Club

If you've got some keen music fans in your class why not try our Rock Club resources to bring maths to life? Pupils can plan their own rock concert with the added incentive of winning tickets to the Rock Assembly at Wembley in July 2015.

The Cost of Money

Play 'Money Wiz' and develop your knowledge and skills.

Being Safe at Home

Little ones can learn how to keep safe with Tiger the cat.


Fun, interactive games are a great way to engage pupils while achieving learning goals.  Teachers and parents will appreciate the extensive supporting resources. 

Money Matrix

This is a great way to get to grips with money basics. One interactive board game with six sub games - Quickfire Questions, Triple Trivia, Pic Quiz, Amazing Anagram, Finance Finder and Vox Spot.

Piggy Bank

A simple coin sharing game for young ones.

Alley Cats

Tag the hiding alley cats so they'll be safe and seen.

Pipe Work Panic

See if you can get the pipe right and plumb this house.

Quick Queries

Run a help desk and keep your virtual business running smoothly.

Our popular resources

Check out what programmes others are using to learn important life skills in areas of Finance, Sustainability, Employability and Safety!

Savings & Lifeskills

Are you finance ready? Get wise with these five fun films.

Fab Fundraising

A fun way to improve money skills and support charity.

Investigate The House

Pupils can 'build the house' which is a fun, visual activity where a house is built from the ground up as an adapted version of the poem 'This is the house that Jack built' is read aloud.

Rena & Jay Storybook

Interactive story all about saving for a pet.

Working World

Real employees' videos and career maps.