No doubt you've got some keen and hungry shoppers in your primary class, if not your home! Why not give them a fun, helping hand with real-life money calculations and introduce our new Check-it-out! games that test and extend their financial capability.

Recipe for Success

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Players are given a shopping list and a budget for a meal. They browse the typical supermarket aisles and choose the best deals to stay within budget and get what they need to make their meal.

Check-out Change

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Players are given a total price on some shopping and have to give change. They choose whether the till does it for them or if they calculate the change themselves. They then select notes and coins.

Grab & Go!

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Players race against the clock to select the best meal deal under budget in 45 seconds. They swipe or click to check supermarket shelves for the cheapest combinations. This one really tests financial capability!

In our three new supermarket games: Recipe for Success, Check-out Change and Grab & Go, children can practice and improve on their numeracy and finance skills.

Each game has been carefully developed to include key elements of the maths curriculum (right) as it feeds into the mandatory requirement for financial capability. With simple and intuitive game play and bright and engaging design, children will quickly get stuck in and soon be challenging so-called 'best deals'!

Game play will also bring about some PSHE discussion as pupils relate best deals and giving change to their experiences outside the classroom. Useful extension ideas include:

  • Household budgeting / the weekly shop
  • Health and wellbeing / healthy eating
  • Sustainable food sources / food miles

Numeracy & Finance skills

  • Counting and making totals with coins and notes
  • Comparing prices, ‘deals’ and 2 for 1 offers
  • Working out price differences
  • Adding prices
  • Working out and giving change
  • Multiplying and dividing with money