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Extension activities and discussion ideas

Here we have suggested a variety of extension ideas children can do individually, in pairs or as a group or as a class activity.

Building general awareness about Employability

  • To talk and write about what they want to do when they grow older.
  • To identify positive things about themselves, looking at areas that may need improving and setting simple personal goals to achieve.
  • To identify and learn about different types of jobs from people they know, parents, extended family, etc.
  • Have pupils think about and identify skills needed as an individual to succeed in the workplace. What do they think the top five to ten skills are and why.

Employability Skills

Here we have identified ten core employability skills and have suggested an activity for each.

  • Problem Solving (and Communication and Organisation and Teamwork and Business Awareness): Divide pupils into small groups and assign each group with a business role. Each small group then needs to split up and find out what each of the other groups are doing with the aim being to find all of your other team mates in order for your business to work.
  • Literacy and Communication: Have each pupil write about their dream job, explaining why they choose this and what that job involves. Read it to the student sitting next to them.
  • Business Awareness: Arrange a school trip to a local business workplace helping to demonstrate to the children what that business does, who their customers are and how the business works as one.
  • Numeracy: Have pupils answer numerical questions within a set time period. E.g. split the class in to two groups and call each student from each team up to the whiteboard and get them to answer a sum and the team with most correct answers wins.
  • Responsibility and Dependability: Have the pupils write down the most important attributes they think they need for the following roles – a police officer, a fire fighter, a doctor and a cleaner. Ask them to explain their choices and discuss together why certain skills and attributes are needed for each job. Did they realise the importance of responsibility and dependability in each of these roles?
  • Information Technology (IT): Have students practice basic computer skills by setting them a task to type a list of their top ten jobs on Word and then to save that document.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility (and Communication): Get each pupil to write the title or find an image or picture of a job. Place all of those images in a container and get each pupil in turn to draw a lot. In turns they should each address the class on what their role is and why they think they could do it well.
  • Teamwork: Split the class into two teams to play 'pictionary'. Each team has to work together to guess what the drawing is of.
  • Organisation (and Problem Solving and Teamwork): Have pupils arrange themselves according to the order of their height without talking.
  • Positive Enthusiasm and Commitment: Have pupils give a speech to their class about who they want to be when they grow up and why.

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