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Career Route Maps for 12 to 16

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Career Route Maps are a description of an individual's career path in a fun and engaging way. Although each Career Route Map is different, they generally touch upon first roles or education, and then any significant career moves or changes throughout their professional working lives. As it can be seen on some maps, often personal circumstances play a part in these changes.

All Career Route Maps below are of Nationwide Building Society employees. Please note this information (including in particular their current job titles) was correct at the time of production (June 2011).

Research and Development

Robin Bailey Richard Marriott

Advertising and Marketing

Eve Cale Alastair Pegg

Customer Interface and Sales

Emma Bunce


  • Simon Law, Head of Corporate Financial Management
Simon Law

Information Technology (IT)

Julia Dyer

Human Resources (HR)

Andrea Tully Jo Hussey

Business Operations and Services

Paul Horlock Rudolf Heaf

Corporate Affairs

Fiona MacAllan Anthony Hua Dion Alday