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Using the Resources

The resources are designed to be used on interactive whiteboards or on individual PCs. Thus, the resources can be used for whole-class activities, group, pair or individual work. There are engaging interactive games teaching students valuable employability skills. Complementing these games are a series of video interviews with employees of Nationwide Building Society, and a series of Career Route Maps, showcasing a variety of career paths across different professions.

Nationwide Education's Employability Skills programme is designed to reflect the natural progression in ability as children age. The earlier programmes for 4-7 year olds 'Working Life' and 'Working Skills' for 7-11 year olds are designed to introduce children to the ideas of the world of work. The 12-16 resources 'Working World' offer a more in depth look at business, skills needed in the workforce and potential career paths.

Working World Games

There are 10 mini-games in this resource, all touching on various key employability skills. All games have two levels (for ages 12-14 and 14-16), the format of each is the same for Level 1 and Level 2, but one is designed to be slightly harder than the last, to cater to students of all abilities.

All games are accessible through the main menu navigation, or through the virtual interactive. This introduction takes students on a virtual tour through a standard corporate office (the Nationwide Building Society head office). The virtual tour highlights several roles that can be found in a standard corporate office. These include receptionist, cleaner, cafeteria, retail shop, maintenance and security.

By navigating to the lift, players can be taken to a series of ten generic 'corporate' departments. Each department page contains an interactive game, downloadable fact sheets and Career Route Maps of Nationwide employees. Additionally there are video interviews from Nationwide employees discussing their department, role and their personal story of their qualification, career path and ambitions.

Research and Development – Code Breaker

KS3 Code Breaker screenshot KS4 Code Breaker screenshot

Skill: Problem Solving

Players have to solve the puzzle of symbols by dragging in letters from the 'keypad' at the bottom. Players have nine lives in total and a life is lost every time a letter is incorrectly placed, or the 'hint' button is pressed (this can only be pressed five times in total for Level 1 and three times in total for Level 2). There are three sentences to solve, all related to Research and Development.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Advertising and Marketing – Clever Campaigns

KS3 Clever Campaigns screenshot KS4 Clever Campaigns screenshot

Skill: Literacy and Communication

Players are presented with three items from their editor: a leaflet, press release and article. They need to select the appropriate text, image or quote that corresponds with the information already on the document. Once they are complete they show their editor, and correct answers increase their literacy score.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Customer Interface and Sales – Quick Queries

KS3 Quick Queries screenshot KS4 Quick Queries screenshot

Skill: Business Awareness and Customer Focus

This is a quiz style game whereby players are presented with call and email enquiries (i.e. in call centre) which they have to route to the appropriate department, based on their business knowledge. The caller 'satisfaction bar' indicates how well the player is doing, i.e. how promptly and accurately they respond to each enquiry.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Finance – Number Drop

KS3 Number Drop screenshot KS4 Number Drop screenshot

Skill: Numeracy

Players need to answer simple mathematical questions as the numbers fall down the two threads. They must answer before the number balls reach the bottom of the thread. If they do not they have less time to answer the next question, until eventually the time runs out.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Legal – Legalese

KS3 Legalese screenshot KS4 Legalese screenshot

Skill: Responsibility and Dependability

Players are presented with a legal term and definition, and they have to pick which character situation matches this best. The players' 'responsibility' score is affected by accuracy of answers.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Information Technology (IT) – Icon I Can

KS3 Icon I Can screenshot KS4 Icon I Can screenshot

Skill: IT

Players are shown a selection of desktop tools used in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and asked quiz style questions about which icon is correct for each task.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Human Resources – Correct Candidate

KS3 Correct Candidate screenshot KS4 Correct Candidate screenshot

Skill: Adaptability and Flexibility

Players need to choose the most appropriate qualification, experience and skills for the listed profession by dragging the relevant phrases into the centre head silhouette and submitting their answer to see if they are correct.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Business Operations and Services – Team Tasks

KS3 Team Tasks screenshot KS4 Team Tasks screenshot

Skill: Teamwork

In order to explain how processes work in a business, players are presented with an end result (outcome of a task) and a series of steps/process that will achieve this aim, which they need to put in the correct order. Information about what needs to happen before each step is completed helps to highlight the need for teamwork in a business.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

Corporate Affairs – Press Positive

KS3 Press Positive screenshot KS4 Press Positive screenshot

Skill: Positive Enthusiasm and Commitment

After reading a press briefing about Nationwide as a business, players need to answer multiple choice questions at a press conference. Answers are scored based on their enthusiasm and commitment to the business, and their positive enthusiasm score will go up if they pick the most ideal (positive) answer.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.

CEO/Board – Corporatise

KS3 Corporatise screenshot KS4 Corporatise screenshot

Skill: Organisation

Players are presented with a mock company organogram, where they need to match the correct job titles and description to the right employees.

Play Level 1.

Play Level 2.