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Home Buyers' Guide overview

For those looking to buy their next home

The Home Buyers' Guide is part of the Home Guides suite, and supports those who are buying and moving homes, but it is not their first purchase. (If this is your first home purchase, please see our First Time Buyers' Guide).

This guide supports you through the steps of buying a home by reminding you of everything involved! Covering mortgage reminders, budgeting what you can afford, finding and viewing a property, making an offer and through to moving in. It can be read onscreen or downloaded for future use. Our detailed word glossary will help make sense of the jargon, and our helpful house buying checklists will support you through this process. If you are also selling your home, you may want to check out our Selling Guide as well.

Steps covered in this guide are part of the downloadable 'Ten point action plan for home buyers',

Home Buyers' Guide
  1. Things to consider before I buy
  2. Understand the low cost ownership options
  3. Mortgage reminders
  4. How much can I afford?
  5. How much can I borrow?
  6. The application process
  7. Finding a property
  8. Making an offer (in England/Wales and Northern Ireland, or in Scotland)
  9. Surveys and Insurances
  10. Exchanging Contracts and Completion Day

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