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Remortgage Guide overview

For those looking to remortgage their home

The Remortgage Guide is part of the Home Guides suite. There are many reasons you may decide to remortgage your home, perhaps to save or raise money, or because of a change in your personal circumstances. Whatever the reason, this Guide will help you through the process of firstly deciding whether remortgaging is the best option for you, and throughout the steps if you choose to do so.

Covering how much you can borrow and afford, to choosing the right mortgage deal and considering the potential costs involved, this guide goes through each step one by one. The guide can be read onscreen or downloaded for future use. Our detailed word glossary will also help make sense of the remortgaging jargon.

Steps in this guide include the following:

Remortgage Guide
  1. What is a remortgage?
  2. Why remortgage?
  3. Things to consider
  4. You have decided to remortgage – what now?
  5. Choosing the right deal
  6. What are the potential costs?
  7. Steps involved when applying for a remortgage
  8. Making it work!
  9. Top Ten Tips for remortgaging
  10. FAQs

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