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Money Guides Overview

To complement the Home Guides, Nationwide has designed a suite of Money Guides which offer you comprehensive knowledge on Borrowing, Savings & Investments, Handling Debt, and Spending Wisely.

All guides are independent and free of Nationwide's products or services. Click on an image or link to view an overview of the selected guide.

First Time Buyers' Guide

Borrowing Guide

Use this guide to find out all about the different ways to borrow money, from overdrafts through to all the many types of loans available. Learn about credit checks, applications and even how to compare your choices.

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Home Buyers' Guide

Savings & Investments Guide

If you know it is wise to save, but are not sure where to start, this guide is for you. Learn about the difference between saving and investing and get help deciding what will suit you best in your circumstances so you can achieve your financial goals, be they short term or long term.

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Sellers' Guide

Handling Debt Guide

Making an honest assesment of your finances and admitting you need help to handle your debt, can be daunting. This guide will take you gently step by step through how to turn things around and take positve steps to make things better.

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Remortgage Guide

Spending Wisely Guide

Staying in control of your spending is not easy, but our guide offers lots of information to help you spend wisely. It also covers steps you can take to make sure you bank safely and carefully manage your money. You can also learn how to stay safe shopping online and find good deals.

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