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Borrowing Guide overview

Borrowing Guide

Choosing to borrow money can be daunting and there are many options for you to learn about and consider. This is a comprehensive Guide to what is available to you and the best method of borrowing to suit your needs and personal circumstances. It will lead you through the decision making and application process, while helping you determine if you can afford to borrow.

Part of the Money Guides suite, this Guide covers everything from overdrafts to insurances and even explains what you can do when things go wrong.

You can read the Guide onscreen or downloaded for future use. Our detailed word glossary will help make sense of the jargon and check out our comprehensive useful contacts for links to still more information.

You may also like to check out the other Money Guides; Saving & Investment Guide, Handling Debt Guide and the Spending Wisely Guide.

The guide has the following sections:

Borrowing Guide
  1. Things to think about before you borrow
  2. Can you afford the repayments
  3. Overdrafts
  4. Loan providers
  5. How loans work
  6. Personal loans
  7. Special types of loans
  8. Loans for learners
  9. Car loans and finance
  10. Credit and store cards
  11. Other forms of credit
  12. Loans for home owners
  13. Loans to be cautious about
  14. Compare your choices
  15. Applications and credit checks
  16. Insurances
  17. If things go wrong
  18. Tips when borrowing

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