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Savings & Investments Guide overview

Savings & Investments Guide

This Savings & Investments Guide is part of the Money Guides suite and supports those who want to learn more about ways to save and invest. Our easy, step by step guide covers it all; from why to save, through what your options are, to comparing your choices.

There is further information to support you during key life stages such as having children and planning for retirement. All you need to know to help you decide what will suit you best is included.

The Guide can be read onscreen or downloaded for future use. Our detailed word glossary will help make sense of the jargon and check out our comprehensive useful contacts for links to still more information.

You may also like to check out the other Money Guides; Borrowing Guide, Handling Debt Guide and the Spending Wisely Guide.

The guide has the following sections:

Savings & Investments Guide
  1. Why save?
  2. Should you save or invest?
  3. Savings accounts
  4. Bonds
  5. ISAs
  6. Via employment
  7. National savings and investments
  8. ‘Pooled’ investments
  9. Other options
  10. Tax
  11. Investing for retirement
  12. Investing for children
  13. Compare your choices
  14. Top ten tips

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