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Spending Wisely Guide overview

Spending Wisely Guide

These days it is more crucial than ever to be in control of your spending. Our Spending Wisely Guide will help you to assess where your money goes and how you can spend wisely and safely. It covers the basics for bank accounts to finding good deals.

The Spending Wisely is a part of the Money Guides Suite, offering support and advice for managing your money in all its forms. It is interactive, user friendly and can be read on screen or downloaded for future use. There is also a comprehensive glossary so you can make sense of any unfamiliar terms.

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Points covered in the Guide:

Spending Wisely Guide
  1. You and your spending
  2. How we spend
  3. Payments in
  4. Payments out
  5. Spending safely
  6. Managing your spending
  7. Spending wisely
  8. Spending less or increasing your income?
  9. Insurances
  10. Economising and living sustainably
  11. Retirement planning
  12. Ways to find deals and shop around
  13. Keep control
  14. Top tips for spending wisely

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