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The interactive activities

These resources are designed to be used on PCs, making them easy to use at home. The entire programme is comprised of downloadable fact sheets ('dossiers') including a glossary, an interactive game and real life case studies, all based around six core financial themes: Budgeting; Careers; Currency; Documents and Income; Risk; Saving and Investing.

Downloadable fact sheets ('Dossiers')

The dossiers provide a useful overview of the six financial themes in this programme, with comprehensive information presented in easy-to-read, digestible chunks. These sheets can be downloaded and used independently to learn about a specific subject in more detail or while playing the game. A helpful glossary is also included to highlight key words used through the dossiers.

Real life case studies

The case studies provide examples of real life situations young people face in relation to their finances. These case studies help young people to relate the concepts of financial capability to their own lives and how they could be affected. All case studies are linked to the dossier themes, which can provide more background information on a particular topic.

Interactive Game

The interactive game looks at the six finance themes present throughout the programme in a fun and engaging way, and is designed to be informative in helping young people build and demonstrate their financial knowledge and skills.

Each of Nationwide Education's Financial Capability programmes is designed to build on the learning from the previous resources, but children and young people progress at different rates. You might find it useful to look at resources in programmes for other age groups to see whether they are more suitable.

The interactive resources

'Finance World' interactive game

Screenshot of the Finance World games

Activities are based around a 'spy-themed' interactive game (Finance World) and introduced as 'missions' for the player (an undercover agent). Each mission covers one of six core personal finance themes.

The aim of the game is to complete all missions and score as many points as possible. Points are awarded for correct answers and the time it takes the player to complete the missions. Players can continue playing after the time elapses but receive fewer points. Each game can be played only once per game session.

The following games are accessed by clicking on the relevant city on the 'Finance World' map:

Screenshot of Codebreaker

Codebreaker - Cairo (Theme: Risk) - provides important messages about risk. Players are given three codebreaker cards; each reveals a useful financial tip. Players must crack the codes to find the message.

Screenshot of Double Agent

Double Agent - Mumbai (Theme: Documents & Income) - helps players become familiar with a range of financial and personal documents. Players must identify the 'Double Agent' from three suspects, based on given information, by browsing through their financial documents.

Screenshot of Freefall

Freefall - Beijing (Theme: Currency) - helps players become familiar with currency symbols and exchange. Counterfeit currency is being dropped into a country by parachute. Players need to collect as many currency parachutes as possible. The currencies are in US dollar ($), Pound (£), Euro (€), Japanese Yen (¥) and Indian Rupee (Rs). The objective is to collect the largest value currency parachutes, and the end screen totals the amount collected with a conversion into Sterling.

Screenshot of Spot the Agent

Spot the Agent - Venice (Theme: Careers) - helps players become familiar with different careers and information that might appear on a CV. Players are asked to select the most ideal candidate for a new undercover agent role, based on a shortlist of four people and their Agent Profiles, detailing their skills and experience.

Screenshot of Word Hunter

Word Hunter - Rio de Janeiro (Theme: Saving and Investing) - provides important information about saving and investing. Players must find the words in the word snake - similar to a Word Search but words can turn at any point at a 45 or 90 degree angle.

Screenshot of Clued Up

Clued Up - New York (Theme: Budgeting) - helps players become more familiar with the terminology surrounding budgeting. Players must solve the crossword clues.

Screenshot of Spy Snaps

Spy Snaps - Moscow (Theme: Budgeting case studies) - helps players become more familiar with the types of income and expenditure they might need to consider in different circumstances.

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