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Financial capability - students

Engaging activities

Once you have had the chance to browse through the financial dossiers in this programme, take a look at the activities below to put your knowledge into practice! You can do these independently or with your friends or parents.


Create a personal budget for yourself, detailing expenses and income over a given month. You can find an example of a budget sheet here .


Draft your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Have a look at a few examples of CVs here to get you started on a template and what to include.


Pick a few different foreign currencies and track the differences in how they rise and fall over a period of a few weeks. Make a diary of any changes you have noted and any reasons you think may have attributed to the change.

Documents and Income

Take a look at any financial documents you may have yourself – such as a mobile phone bill, car insurance plan, payslip or rental agreement. You can also use the sample documents from the game here . Do you understand all of the information on the bill? If not call up the provider for a more detailed explanation. Track your payments from one month to the next to see how they change, for instance with your mobile phone bill.


Investigate different types of insurance offered for varying purposes. What are the benefits to each type of insurance and which should you be investing in? What are the differences in cost and what is the right plan for you?

Saving and Investing

Compare savings and interest rates to varying banks and building societies on your local high street. How do they compare? What is the best rate for you?

Learn more

To learn more you can also read The Teenager's Guide to Money produced by Nationwide Building Society. Click on the relevent link to download various components of the book:

  1. Guide Contents
  2. Part 1: Money secrets that will set you up for life
  3. Part 2: Things you need to know about money before you reach 20
  4. Part 3: Long-term money matters