Follow the further adventures of Ben, Rio and Amber in Season 2! With school behind them, they've moved on to the next stage of their lives. Ben and Rio are sharing a flat and Amber is at uni close by. For the first time they're learning how to be financially independent... or are they?

Get Real with money develops financial capability and life skills in secondary students and covers learning objectives within the UK financial education curricula. The resource spans 10 episodes, each comprising a short film, a dynamic teacher's presentation, PDF worksheets and a flexible lesson plan (30, 60 or 90 minute sessions or combine to use on a curriculum/enterprise day).

season #1

season #2


Amber is doing well at uni though skint and Rio is barely managing on an apprenticeship allowance. Ben is unemployed and blows credit on gaming ammo. Students learn about tight budgets, plan meals for a week and find out how easily spending choices can be influenced with budget vs brand tasks.

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Ben's has a lightbulb moment but Amber and Rio have ‘little faith’! This scenario opens the door to students having a better understanding of financial products and services, how bank accounts work and how they can help us to manage our money.

Do the

The Bank of Rio dishes out some level advice and it looks like Ben may be able to start paying his bills, however they need some investment! By working through options, students learn about different types of credit. They’ll also get real and consider at what times in their lives they may need to borrow money.

Stick or

Welcome to the empire... not quite! Though Ben believes he’s making history, Rio – the voice of reason - talks quantities and economies of scale as the trio consider business set-up costs. Students do the same as they design logos, straplines and learn about managing risk.