Piggy Pennies is a fantastic new resource that uses the latest 3D technology to bring learning about money to life. Get the augmented reality app now and learn about coin recognition, coin counting and saving money at school, at home or on the move!

There are additional supporting activities for teachers and parents.

It's as simple as...

Install the app

Follow the links below to the App Store or Google Play and install the app on your device.

Print the cards

Download, print and cut the cards out. Just click below or follow the link on the app.

Get playing

Now the fun begins! Just follow the simple instructions on the app as you go or see our 'quick start' guide.

Using the app

Simply pick the cards that answer the questions. Point the camera on your phone or tablet at the cards. Just make sure they're on a flat surface and you can see them all. Then click 'Continue' and the animations will pop up!

Awesome augmented reality

Children will become absorbed immediately with this innovative way of learning. We're playing more and more augmented reality games, which allow for 3D animation to be added to the real environment. We use smartphones and tablets, and by pointing the camera at triggers we can enjoy enhanced gameplay. Augmented reality has been shown to significantly increase children's attention levels. It has the potential to transform classrooms and the way we learn.

Teachers' resources

In these uncertain times, financial education has never been more important. Teaching money in the primary classroom is an excellent start. These curriculum linked augmented reality and printable money activities can also serve as a tool for developing and assessing a wide range of number skills.

Download Teachers' Notes

Teaching without the app

Not enough device or do you want to give your young ones an overview of the topic before using the app? Then use our additional supporting resources, with the same themes, overall content and learning outcomes.

Download resources

Parents' resources

Help your child be money smart! Lots of suggestions for money activities and discussions which you can make part of your family’s everyday routine.

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