Teacher's overview - Interactive activities

The interactive activities

Alley cats

Alley Cats (4-7)

It’s night time and the alley cats keep hiding. The bins shake, cats peer out and sometimes pop up. Try to catch them!

Aim: To get as many cats as possible tagged with a reflector on their collar.

Methodology: You can only catch a cat when it’s popped right up. As each cat is clicked on in time, a reflector will attach to its collar. The cat then stays up and a reflective disc is added to the pile at the side.

Purrfect Pairs

Purrfect Pairs (4 to 7)

It’s night time and the alley cats are still hiding. Can you find the twin cats?

Aim: To find matching pairs of cats.

Methodology: Click on a bin and a cat pops up, click on another and then another cat pops up. If the cats don’t match they go back in their bins, if they do match, the reflectors on their collars shine, and reflective discs start to pile up at the side in a tower.

Missing Words

Missing Words (4 to 7)

The two paragraphs in this activity highlight the important message of being seen and being safe.

Aim: To click on the correct word at the bottom and fill the blanks in the sentences.

Methodology: The blanks in the sentences will highlight sequentially and you click on the chosen word from the bottom. The word will not move unless it is correct. Once the correct word is chosen, it fills the blank space and disappears from the bottom. You can click on individual blanks out of sequence if the word is known.

Moggy Maze

Moggy Maze (7 to 11)

It’s night time and the alley cat needs to find as many reflectors as possible. He has a lamp on his helmet to help him see, but it’s still difficult finding his way round the maze in the dark. ‘Catseyes’ in the road help guide him when he gets near to the reflectors, but he has to watch out for dangers on the way. Alley dog is chasing him and sometimes there are bins blocking some of the alleyways. It’s a race against the clock to avoid the dangers and find all the reflectors.

Aim: To find as many reflectors as possible without losing a life.

Methodology: There are 3 levels, and 4 reflectors to collect on each level which vary in position each time the game is played. Each level has 1 battery to collect, which lights up the entire maze for a couple of seconds, allowing the player to see where all of the dangers and reflectors are in the maze. Each level is more difficult than the last: there are more dangers and the cat and dog both move more quickly. Knocking into a bin loses one life and if the dog catches you, you lose three lives.


Crossword (7 to 11)

This game is an on-line interactive crossword to find the correct answers to the questions. They are all to do with keeping safe out near traffic at night.

Aim: To answer each question by spelling out the words on the crossword.

Methodology: Read the question and once you know the answer to the question shown, click on individual letters to spell out the word in the highlighted column or row.