Specific teaching points about conspicuity

Specific teaching points about conspicuity.

When walking at night

  • Always choose well lit routes.
  • Always cross using safer crossing places like Zebras, Pelicans, Toucans, Traffic Islands, Bridges and Subways. These are usually well lit.
  • Don't cross between parked cars, as pedestrians are more likely to be hidden in shadows, or blocked from the drivers view by parked vehicles.
  • Wear or carry something white or reflective (stick on strips, arm bands or fun reflectors.
  • Carry a torch if possible.

When cycling

  • Make sure front lights, rear lights and rear red reflector are clean and working correctly.
  • Have spoke reflectors fitted to the wheels of the bicycle.
  • Wear something white or reflective (stick on strips, arm bands or fun reflectors).
  • Cycle on well lit roads and look carefully all around for other road users.


Something that reflects or shines back light beams, so it stands out brightly and can be seen. In the day reflective material looks dull and grey, but it sparkles brightly in the dark when light is shone on it.


Something that shows up brightly and clearly in the daylight - usually vivid pinks, yellows, lime greens and oranges. Fluorescent colours are good in bad weather conditions, but they don't show up any better than other colours in the dark.

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