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Using the Resources

If you are playing on a personal computer, just move the mouse to click on the controls at the bottom of the screen for the story and in the interactive activities, use the mouse to click on the missing words, coins or letter boxes individually.

If you are playing on an interactive whiteboard, touch the buttons at the base of the board for the story and use the track pad on the right hand side for the other games.

Lottie Goes to Work story book

This is an interactive story book where Lottie goes to her dad's office to spend the day and learn about his workplace. The story book is a fun activity where pages can be turned and read aloud. You can also choose to play the narration which synchronises with highlighted words. Please note, there is an accessible version of the story which can be accessed via the Accessibility link on the site.

Aim: To introduce the basic understanding of a job, the different kinds available as well as the skills needed in each. The story book also introduces the idea of a company and an office structure.


  • Click on the 'Story' button to access the story. Click on the 'Easy' button to access the simpler version.
  • The 'Play' button has the story read out aloud with synchronised words highlighting.
  • The 'Pause' button allows individual words to be selected for discussion.
  • Use the 'Stop' button to stop the story being read out aloud.
  • Use the 'arrow' keys on the far right of the screen to turn pages forwards or backwards.

Lottie Goes to Work

Issues covered in the story:

Page 1

It is 'Go to Work' day and Lottie is going with her dad to his office. He works as a Mortgage Advisor at a building society.

Page 2

Lottie meets the Receptionist Mary who meets and greets all of the visitors to the office, helping to make sure they reach the right department.

Page 3

On her way to dad's office Lottie meets a Security Guard and learns about his role keeping the building and grounds safe and secure.

Page 4

Once in the Mortgage department Lottie gets to know about what her dad does each day and what a mortgage is.

Page 5

It is time for lunch and an introduction to Sarah the Cook who helps to keep all of the employees fed with healthy and delicious food.

Page 6

Next Lottie gets to watch a television commercial being made by the Advertising and Marketing team.

Page 7

Now dad and Lottie are back home they share their experiences from the day and recap of some of the skills needed for each job.

Read the 'Lottie Goes to Work' story book.