Interactive activities

Instructions for story book

If you are playing on a personal computer, just move the mouse to click on the controls at the bottom of the screen for the interactive story.

If you are playing on an interactive whiteboard, touch the buttons at the base of the board or use the track pad.

WASTEWAY story book

The story book is a fun activity where pages can be turned and read out aloud. You can also choose to play the narration which synchronises with highlighted words. Please note, there is an accessible version of the story which can be accessed via the Accessibility link on the site.

Aim:  To introduce pupils to the concepts of sustainable living and energy issues in a fun and engaging way.

Methodology:  Please use a mouse as normal.

  • Click on the 'Story' button to access the story. Click on the 'Easy' button to access the simpler version.
  • Use the 'Contents' button to show the contents page with chapters.
  • Use the 'Play' button to have the story read aloud with synchronised words highlighting.
  • Use the 'Pause' button to select individual words for discussion.
  • Select '1', '2' or '3' to go to chapters 1, 2 or 3.
  • Use the 'Stop' button to stop the story being read aloud.
  • Use the 'arrow' keys on the far right of the screen to turn pages forward or backwards.

Issues covered in the story:

Chapter 1 - No Power!

Georgia, Lara and Tom are getting ready for school when there is a power cut in their home. They must all continue to get ready, with mum's help, and get to school without any power, even when they find the car has no petrol.

Chapter 2 - The School Trip

Georgia and Lara are going on a school trip to the 'WASTEWAY' recycling centre. They get on the school bus and make their way to the centre, passing lots of interesting sights along the way, including farms, electricity pylons and wind turbines.

Chapter 3 - The 'WASTEWAY'

Georgia and Lara arrive at the 'WASTEWAY', where they learn all about recycling and ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at home. They return home to tell mum all about their day and discover that the power is now back on in their home.


Each of these games can be found in the contents page of the 'Wasteway' story book. You can also access each game by clicking the 'play game' links below.

Missing words

This activity links into chapters two and three of the story book. By using your mouse, if you are using a PC or a track pad if you are using an interactive whiteboard, select the correct word to fill in the missing blank space in the story. Incorrect words will automatically bounce back again.

Play the 'Missing words' game

Picture Quiz

By using the mouse or track pad, players need to match the word descriptions with the corresponding picture. Incorrect matches will automatically bounce back again.

Play the 'Picture Quiz' game

Jigsaw puzzle

By using the mouse or track pad, players need to fill in the picture on the left by matching the correct shapes and pictures to the right spot. Incorrect matches will automatically bounce back again.

Play the 'Jigsaw puzzle' game