Interactive activities

Part of: Working Skills

Using the Resources

If you are playing on a personal computer, just move the mouse to click on the controls at the bottom of the screen for the story and in the interactive activities, use the mouse to click on the missing words, coins or letter boxes individually.

If you are playing on an interactive whiteboard, touch the buttons at the base of the board for the story and use the track pad on the right hand side for the other games.

'Shooting Stars' Board Game

The 'Shooting Stars' game is an engaging board game where pupils build up their score by correctly answering questions on 4 sets of game cards. Alternatively, you can access the cards without playing the board game by clicking 'quick cards'. This enables you to try all of the Games, Skills, Jobs and Quiz cards without rolling the dice. Please note, there is an accessible version of the game which can be accessed via the Accessibility link on the site.

Aim: To build and test children's knowledge on Employability.

Methodology: The game can be played by teams, pairs or individuals. Once selected, the counter places itself/themselves on the board. The player clicks on the die and moves the number of places shown (in any direction) using the track pad at the bottom right if you are using an interactive whiteboard or a mouse if you are using a PC.

The player lands on one of four colours (each representing the four different games):

  • Purple – Games
  • Green – Quiz
  • Yellow – Skills
  • Blue – Jobs

The appropriate card turns over and instructs the player on what to do. If successful at the game, or correct in the answer, the player will win a star.

Play the 'Board game'.

Game Cards

Each of these are mini-interactive sub-games in themselves. There are several variations of each game.

Word Wise game

Players must fill in the missing words in the sentence. Suggested adverbs, verbs, nouns and adjectives are shown at the bottom of the screen. If a wrong answer is chosen this will bounce back.

Jobs and Salaries game

After reading a short description of a particular role, players need to review their pay slip to find their salary and choose the correct multiple choice answer.

Quiz Cards

There are several quiz questions with multiple choice answers. If answered incorrectly, they will get an 'OOPS' message and win nothing. The questions focus on employability (all words are linked and explained in the glossary where needed) and include answering questions regarding different types of jobs, industries and job titles.

Skills Cards

There are several different types of skills explained. The player needs to choose the correct skill that matches to the explanation from the multiple choices given. If incorrect they will get an 'OOPS' message and win nothing.

Jobs Cards

There are several questions and the player needs to choose the correct spelling for each job title. The player needs to click on the correct answer from the multiple choices and if correct wins a star. If incorrect they will get an 'OOPS' message and win nothing.