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Fun things to do together at home

Make sure you and your child go through the stories on Nationwide Education's Home Safety section:

  • Talk about 'Sam's Birthday' (2-4) – relate it to a birthday party they may have had.
  • Talk about the 'Tiger's House' story (4-7) - what do they think happened to Poppy?
  • Read the story together and see if they can do the activities and find the dangers.
  • Ask them to be your 'Danger Ranger', looking out for danger inside and outside the house. Give them sticker rewards when they see and report things (see downloadable printable sheet – Rewards).
  • Play games like 'I spy', which can increase their observational skills and link it to thinks like 'I spy with my little eye something that's hot and could burn you' etc.
  • Play role play games together - you pretending to be the child, they the parent. Encourage 'acting out' things around the home (e.g. cleaning the rooms, filling the bath, cooking and baking, having a barbecue). Lead the game, pretending there are some risks and dangers and get them to suggest how to avoid being hurt.
  • Keep a family picture diary – each day, get every member to do a simple drawing of something hot, sharp or poisonous, or something that could cause a trip or fall, with a picture of how you can make it safe. Stick them in a scrap book, day by day, with a title: 'Today we made these dangerous things safe at home'. (Always make sure the positive message is given: 'We can make this safe by putting it away/cleaning it up', etc).
  • Make fridge magnets with smiley faces as reminders saying 'if something is hot, sharp or poisonous – don't touch!'
    (see downloadable printable sheet – Magnets).
  • Have your child draw/paint/make a collage about a safe room.
  • Play an alphabet safety game for every letter of the alphabet - use an alphabet wall chart, if you have one, to find something dangerous in the house and talk about what can make it safe.

Make up songs and rhymes to remember safety messages (e.g. using nursery rhymes and replace the words with your own) – see some of these examples:

Trips, slips and falls

(to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush')

This is the way we trip and fall
Trip and fall, trip and fall
This is the way we trip and fall
If we leave things on the floor

Fire and heat

(to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'London's Burning')

The house is burning
The house is burning
Dial 999, dial 999... etc.

Sharp things

(to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'Three Blind Mice')

Three sharp knives
Three sharp knives
See how they cut
See how they cut
We must not touch them or leave them out
Because if we cut ourselves we will shout
Remember what we've been talking about
That's three sharp knives


(to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'Polly Put the Kettle On')

Never ever drink or eat
Never ever drink or eat
Never ever drink or eat
Pills or cleaners or bleach