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Fun things to do together at home

Make sure you and your child go through the games and activities in Nationwide Education's Home Safety section.

Relate the dangers to the ones in your home.

Play games that encourage focus, alertness and observation (e.g. I Spy, Concentration).

Ask your child to design a poster with household safety rules (e.g. putting away games, washing hands before eating, making sure candles aren't left unattended).

Ask your child to take photographs or draw pictures of things around your home that are safe or unsafe. He or she could cut these up and arrange them on a large sheet to form a collage with one side titled 'Safe Things' and the other, 'Dangerous Things'.

Ask your child to write a story, rap, poem or comic strip showing someone getting hurt through a household danger (e.g. a boiling saucepan with handle sticking over the cooker edge). It should show what happened and how the danger could be made safer in future.

Show your child some of the different danger warning signs on household products. Ask him or her to design a warning sign for one of the dangers in your home.