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Fun, Fact and Work sheets

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Fun sheets 2 to 4

Counting dangers

Counting Dangers: A simple counting activity designed to help children think about different types of hot or sharp dangers as they count rows of objects.

Not in my mouth

What's not safe to put in your mouth?: Children identify things which are not safe to put in their mouths.

Fact sheets 4 to 7

Trips, Slips and Falls

Trips, Slips and Falls: Summary of household dangers that might cause someone to trip, slip or fall.

Fire and Heat

Fire and Heat: Summary of household dangers that might start a fire or cause a burn or scald.

Sharp Things

Sharp Things: Summary of household dangers that are sharp, pointed or might cut and injure.


Poisons: Summary of household dangers that are poisonous.

The Emergency Services

The Emergency Services: Basic information about the emergency services and how to call 999.

Word Bank

Word Bank: Sheets of home safety related terms explained simply.

Work sheets 4 to 7

Kitchen Dangers

Kitchen Dangers: Pupils look at a picture of a kitchen showing several dangers. They identify two dangers, describe what could happen and how the danger could be prevented.

Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?: Pupils look at pictures of household items and identify whether they are hot or not. They then write safety tips for someone who might be using the hot items.

Safety Tips

Safety Tips: Activity in which pupils fill in missing words to make home safety tips.

Home Safe Maze

Home Safe Maze: Activity designed to help pupils become familiar with different danger symbols, as they find a 'safe' route through the maze.