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Suggested cross-curricular extension activities

Home Safety

Discuss the different personality traits, situations, etc. that might cause a person to lose concentration and suffer an injury at home.

Ask students to talk about the different safety devices they or their parents use in their homes. Research the cost of these and discuss which are most useful and best value for money.

Research the cost of accident insurance and what it does or does not cover. Debate whether or not it is a worthwhile investment.

Invite members of the local emergency services to come in and speak with the students. Ask students to prepare a list of questions that they would like to ask.

Ask students to discuss in groups and come up with a list of the personal attributes and skills that a person should have in order to keep safe (e.g. good observations skills).

Monitor news reports about accidents in the home.

Transferable safety skills

Talk about the different areas around the school and the local community in terms of the different safety themes (e.g. which might pose an electrical hazard or trip hazard). Discuss why they are dangerous and what could be done to make them safer or warn people of the danger.

Ask students to consider the potential dangers involved in different careers. They should think about the types of duties they perform and the type of environment they work in (e.g. chef, window cleaner, school teacher, nurse, parcel courier, fire fighter, electrician, removalist, professional guitarist). In groups, they should discuss which they feel are the safest and least safe career choices.