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The Cats’ Eyes for Kids scheme

Keeping children safer on the road

Nationwide plays a part in the drive to improve road safety through its award winning Cats' Eyes for Kids Scheme. Each year of the ten year initiative, Nationwide provided over one million child-friendly, high visibility safety reflectors, helping young children to be seen more clearly by car drivers and other road users.

  • Following its pilot and national launch in 2001, over 13 million reflectors have been distributed. By the end of the ten year initiative, every child between 5 and 15 should have received a reflector. For more information about ordering reflectors from Scanglo, visit
  • In 2009, road accidents involving child pedestrians have been reduced by 61% (against baseline average 1994-1998). Source: Department for Transport.
  • The Cats' Eyes for Kids scheme has received numerous awards from Business in the Community and the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards for helping in the fight against death and injury on our roads.
  • Nationwide are proud to provide free online resources for children, teachers and parents. Nationwide Education goes even further to provide information, tips and fun interactive activities with curriculum linked extensions for the classroom.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the professional road safety community without whose support and guidance the project would not have happened.