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Why is road safety important?

Every year over 410 child pedestrians are killed or seriously injured going to or from school. Following the clock change the most dangerous time is between 3:30pm and 6:00pm.” Source: Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Children on or near roads are highly vulnerable - busy traffic on urban and rural roads can put them at risk. It is even more dangerous in bad weather or in hours of darkness, particularly around the times the clocks change.

Road Safety is an important part of a childs' education and Nationwide Education provides a range of online resources that aim to stimulate awareness in young children about the dangers of crossing roads, keeping safe in the car and the importance of pedestrian visibility on the roads.

The programmes "Be Safe, Be Seen" (builds on Nationwide's Cats' Eyes of Kids scheme) and "Safer Travel" are aimed at 4 to 7 and 7 to 11 year olds and provide a vast array of information including fun interactive games, fact and work sheets for pupils and extensive support materials for teachers as well as tips and discussion points for parents. There is also an interactive Street Smart quiz , which tests your child's knowledge of road safety learned in both programmes.

To help you use the site with your child

Your child may be using this website or the printable resources at their school. We have designed this online programme to be fun and engaging whilst delivering lifesaving messages and ensuring it is linked tightly into their daily curriculum subjects.

  • have fun playing the interactive games together
  • download some of the fun sheets, or fact sheets
  • use the information we have on the importance of road safety and how vulnerable young children can be.

Click here for our information on the importance of road safety

  • use our tips for being seen

Click here for our tips for being seen

  • and most importantly - remember always to set a good example!

Click here  to test your knowledge on the Street Smart quiz