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Tips for Being Seen

When Walking

  • It's difficult for drivers to see pedestrians clearly in bad weather (rain, frost, snow) and also in the dark. So take extra care near traffic during these times.
  • Always choose well lit areas to walk or cross.
  • Always use safer crossing places like Zebras, Pelicans, Toucans, Traffic Islands, Subways or Footbridges - they are usually well lit.
  • Wear or carry something white or light or reflective in the dark (scarves, hats, bags, stick-on or clip-on reflective strips or arm bands or Nationwide Cats' Eyes Reflectors).
  • Carry a torch if possible when out at night.
  • Carry something bright and fluorescent at dusk, or in bad weather, as the vivid colours show up clearly.

When Cycling

  • Make sure all lights and reflectors are clean and working properly; fit spoke reflectors too.
  • Take extra care if cycling in the dark; look to the left side of the road well ahead of you so that you are not dazzled by oncoming headlights.
  • Wear something white, light or reflective on your cycle helmet or clothing or use the Nationwide Cats' Eyes reflectors.