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Street Smart quiz

A screenshot of the Street Smart quiz (4-7)

Test your knowledge from the Be Safe, Be Seen and Safer Travel sections of this site with our interactive Street Smart quiz.


To reinforce learning from the Be Safe, Be Seen and Safer Travel programmes for 4-11 year olds. This is achieved by answering questions about road safety, allowing the player/players to move along the route to school.


Play with either one or two players, by answering the questions to travel along the journey to school. For each question choose either option A, B or C to answer the question correctly. Then click on the dice to roll for your next turn. If you answer a question incorrectly another question will appear in the box. The game ends once the player(s) has (have) reached the school.

Look out for: Bonus squares, shown by a road crossing or road sign, which prompts an extra go for that player.

Game site

If you are playing on a personal computer, use the mouse to click on either A, B or C to answer the question, then onto the dice box to roll. If you are playing on an interactive whiteboard, you can use the trackpad at the bottom right of the screen.

Play the Street Smart 4-7 or Street Smart 7-11 quiz. You can also download the questions and answers (PDF, 419KB) from the game.

Refresh your knowledge on road safety by visiting our Be Safe Be Seen and Safer Travel programmes.