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Suggested cross-curricular extension activities

Below are extension activities and ideas for class discussion for 12-14 and 14-16 year olds.

  Cross-curricular extension activities for 12 to 16 year olds  


  • Ask students to research the expansion of transport networks during the Industrial Revolution and how this affected trade and travel.
  • After discussing the problem of congestion, ask students to come up with their own methods of easing congestion (either in their local area or in a known city). They could look at traffic, rail, air or even human congestion.


  • Ask students to research an existing eco-town or school (e.g. Masdar City, UAE), finding out about the systems it has in place to make it sustainable.
  • Ask students to consider common building materials (e.g. steel, concrete, bricks) and research the financial and environmental costs of the manufacturing and transportation process.

Environment Issues

  • Ask students to consider a particular holiday destination and create a brochure showing visitors how they can be eco-tourists.
  • Ask students to select an animal that has become endangered, and research how humans have contributed to its decline and what is being done to preserve it.
  • Ask students to find out more about the process of 'liming' lakes and rivers to protect them from the effects of acid rain. Where is this being done, and what does it involve?
  • Ask students to create a series of sign logos to demonstrate some of the rules of the Countryside Code.

Energy and Recycling

  • Ask students to create artworks using recycled materials.
  • Ask students to research some of the different areas of the world where geothermal energy is used (e.g. Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand) and how this is made possible.
  • Ask students to collect the different types of waste they produce over the period of a week (i.e. paper, food packaging) and weigh each to calculate how much the class produces a month/year.
  • Take students on a trip to a recycling centre or power station.


  • Organise for a member of the local emergency services or a representative from a local charity to visit the school to talk about their work.
  • Look in the news for examples of community debates about controversial issues (e.g. redeveloping areas). Read these to the class and encourage them to reflect on both sides and give their opinion.
  • Ask students to research the Neighbourhood Watch scheme - how it started, what it involves and how effective it is. Is there a branch in the local area?
  • Ask students to create a map of their local town centre (or photocopy one) and label the different public buildings (e.g. fire station, religious buildings, schools).