Talking Numbers

Our Talking Numbers programme is made up of a wide range of interactive initiatives for use inside and outside of the classroom, developed in partnership with educational charities and teachers. It focuses on the practical everyday use of numbers, improving employability and equipping young people to make informed financial decisions.

Building on the success of Nationwide Education, Nationwide aims to improve the numeracy of 200,000 young people by 2017.

Why numeracy? Research conducted on behalf of Nationwide revealed that teenagers are struggling to master everyday number skills, as fundamental as working out correct change or choosing the cheapest products in shops. By tackling poor numeracy, Nationwide is addressing the root cause of many poor financial decisions.

Here's a breakdown of Talking Numbers:

  • MoneyLIVE! at Safeside - using real-life, everyday scenarios within a mock village to teach safety and financial education.
  • Rock Club - Pupils use their maths to plan their own stadium gig and have the opportunity to win tickets to Rock Assembly at Wembley in July - the biggest and loudest school assembly in the country.
  • Support for Academy Chains - AET is the first chain that Nationwide and Transformation Trust are working with to improve numeracy. Nationwide specifically wants to support schools where over 30 percent of students receive free school meals.
  • Number Crunchers - a Nationwide staff volunteering scheme offering 1-to-1 support to primary school pupils.

In addition, Nationwide Building Society is a founding partner of National Numeracy - a charity that aims to improve the numeracy of one million adults across the UK. Find out about their National Numeracy Challenge, a drive to improve the numeracy of adults throughout the UK.